Sample Public Comment Letter

To the Attention of the USFS – Planning Team, As a mountain biker who rides in the the Sierra and Sequoia National Forests, I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the revised draft management plan. Much of the plan is welcomed by the MTB community; specifically: Forest Service’s emphasis on sustainable recreation and the recognition as a Desired Condition “[a] sustainable system of trails [that] provides for opportunities that connect to a larger trail system, provides linkages from local communities to the national forest, and is planned, designed and managed to be compatible with other resources.” I appreciate specific language throughout the draft plans that aims to improve collaboration and productive partnerships between the Forest Service and local communities and user groups for the appropriate enhancement, maintenance, and long-term stewardship of sustainable recreation infrastructure and facilities. I support Alternative B and the limited amount of Recommended Wilderness areas to be included as well as the concept of Backcountry Management Areas as a means to preserve the wild characteristics of certain places, while providing for continued recreational access. Significant local effort has been made to analyze and comment on the plan by Central California Off-Road Cyclists and Yosemite South Gate Trail Cooperative, and I support their position with regard to the many specific areas of concerns they have documented.