YSGTC Mission

The Yosemite South Gate Trail Cooperative (YSGTC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by a group of local mountain bikers and hikers that regularly recreate in the Sierra National Forest. The mission of YSGTC is to promote human-powered use of trail networks in the Sierra National Forest and Southern Yosemite region through trail maintenance, community involvement, and public outreach.

YSGTC has a volunteer agreement for maintaining designated mountain biking and hiking trails in collaboration with the Bass Lake Ranger District of the Sierra National Forest. We aim to keep our trails free of fallen logs, overgrown brush, and ruts caused by erosion to keep trail users safe and to ensure long-term access to legal recreational use.  We encourage our local community members to participate in trail use and maintenance and aim to financially benefit our local community through increased trail use. 

Yosemite South Gate Trail Cooperative members are authorized to perform trail work including brushing, clearing dead and fallen trees, creating and maintaining water bars, and repairing trail surfaces from damage (i.e. erosion or ruts formed from excessive use) on the following trails to assist the Bass Lake Ranger District in maintaining these trails to a proper standard for human-powered use:

  • Spring Cove Trail

  • Goat Mountain Trail

  • Lewis Creek Trail

  • Rocky Trail 

  • Hobbit Trail 

  • Willow Creek Trail

  • Nelder Grove

    • Graveyard of the Giants

    • Bull Buck

    • Chimney Trail

    • Shadow of the Giants